To pursue a horizon that is forever receding

Text shortlisted for the essay competition of Het Zoekend Hert, rekto:verso, and Historische Uitgeverij, September 2019


Brochure accompanying the exhibition “(…) – Alternating Narratives” at Sint Lucas Antwerp, Antwerp, February 2019

Peripheral Vision

Essay coinciding with the exhibition by Ralph Collier “Peripheral Vision” at Tique Art Space, Antwerp, September 2018

HORST Arts & Music 2018

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition “Archetypes” at HORST Arts & Music Festival, Holsbeek, September 2018

Who Else?

Review of Egon Van Herreweghe, “Who Else?”, EXTRA #23, FoMu & Fw:Books, May 2018

Tique | art paper #2: Contemporary Camera

Article published in Tique | art paper #2: Contemporary Camera, May 2018

Some Books and Light to Read Them by

Publication accompanying the exhibition by Ian Whittlesea, “Some Books and Light to Read Them by”, PrintRoom Rotterdam, January 2018

Tique Artist Features

Artist features for the online Tique Art Paper

Tique | art paper #1: Transition

Two articles published in Tique | art paper #1: Transition, September 2016