The Gift of Surrender

27 – 30 June 2019
Barbé-Urbain Gallery, Ghent (BE)
Exhibited artists: Alexander Deprez (BE), Corbin Mahieu (BE), Yonas Seyoum (BE), Matthias Yzebaert (BE)
“Curated” by Eline Verstegen

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You see the sign.
You walk into the room.
You follow
the pulsations,
the lights follow you
– do these people look familiar? You are here, now.

Closing the season at Barbé Urbain Gallery, “The Gift of Surrender” aims to evoke a three-day long, melancholy-drenched atmosphere, through the curious constellation of its constitutive elements. The exhibition “The Gift of Surrender” accompanies the new eponymous album by Matthias Yzebaert, and brings together the album, but also artworks by Yzebaert, photographs by Alexander Deprez, the graphic design of Corbin Mahieu and a film piece by Yonas Seyoum.