The Sky Seemed Not a Sky

13 December 2017 – 13 February 2018
Exhibited artists: Özge Enginöz (TUR), huber.huber (CH), Douglas Mandry (CH), Jacqueline Roditi (TUR), Maarten Vanermen (BE), Matthias Yzebaert (BE)
Curated by Eline Verstegen

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Within contemporary art practices today, there is a perceivable rise of Romantic concerns at large, including increased attention to spirituality and magic, escapism, emotions and affect, socio-political or socio-economic narratives, and indeed nature and its sublime dimension. It begs the question: why now?

Arguably, there is a growing unease with the world, similar to that of the Romantics: people and artists alike are searching for refuge from and alternatives to a society of disquieting political, economic and ecological instability and incredulous technological advancements. It has led Dutch philosophers and cultural theorists Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin Van den Akker to believe that this neo-Romanticism is the main manifestation of a new “structure of feeling”: metamodernism.

Given this framework, the exhibition The Sky Seemed Not a Sky then would like to bring together artists who are exploring related concepts and whose work emanates this neo-Romantic sensibility of metamodernism, with a particular focus on the natural sublime. They aspire to address and to evoke the all-encompassing, overwhelming experience of the simultaneously delightful and fearsome, of the unknowable in the knowable, of the infinite in the finite.